Respected conservative blogger says I have put myself in grave moral danger and tainted the entire VFR community, cont.

Yesterday I posted Lydia McGrew’s e-mail in which she said that my soul and the souls of VFR readers had been put in grave peril by VFR’s discussion (here and here) on whether it was possible for a human being to become so depraved that he might lose the image of God. The implication was that I had to retract the entire discussion or be damned, as well as be placed under ban of all good men and women. Since, as she had to know when she wrote to me, I will not be retracting or deleting the discussion, which was a perfectly legitimate discussion and did not represent any of the horrible things she said it did, I guess that I at least am now damned. In real terms what this means is that Lydia McGrew has dissociated herself from me.

There was a hell of a discussion yesterday in response to McGrew’s e-mail. The discussion continues today.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 04, 2012 11:00 AM | Send

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