Google becomes global activist organization for homosexual and transgender “rights”

Gintas writes:

Google is spearheading an international campaign to attack Singapore and Poland (just to start) for their insufficient validation of homosexuality:

Google is stepping up its activism on gay rights issues in nations with anti-homosexuality laws on the books, a company official announced Saturday as he kicked off Google’s new “Legalize Love” campaign.

The campaign will focus on countries like Singapore, where certain homosexual activities are illegal, and Poland, which has no legal recognition of same-sex couples.

“We want our employees who are gay or lesbian or transgender to have the same experience outside the office as they do in the office,” Google executive Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe said at the Global LGBT Workplace Summit in London, according to a report on Dot429, a networking site for LGBT professionals. “It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work.”

Google will focus on developing alliances with local companies and on supporting grassroots organizing efforts. Citigroup and Ernst & Young have already signed on as partners.

I need to reassess using Google. Google used to have a motto: “Don’t be evil.” It’s changed to an image of Darth Vader laughing maniacally with the caption, “World Domination Rocks!”

Meanwhile, Bill and Melinda Gates decide to push contraception internationally. They don’t want population control, they just want to “save lives”:

When Bill and Melinda Gates were casting around for a cause in the 1990s, the topic that first snagged their interest was birth control. Expanding the use of contraceptives and inventing new ones seemed like a sure bet to help the world’s poor and slow population growth.

But the world’s richest couple soon had second thoughts for their nascent foundation. Within a few years, they decided to shift the focus to saving children’s lives in the developing world through vaccines and cures for deadly diseases.

Now, after more than 15 years, the Gateses are returning to their charitable roots in a big way.

Earlier this year, Melinda Gates announced that she intends to put birth control back on the international agenda by making it her signature issue and significantly boosting the foundation’s investment. On Wednesday, the Gates Foundation and the British government will convene a summit of world leaders in London with the goal of raising $4 billion to make contraceptives available to an additional 120 million women in the poorest countries.

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An Indian living in the West writes:

They won’t be able to bully Singapore. They can forget it. The relative conservatism of the place is a reason I intend to move there shortly.

Some years ago, a American teenager in Singapore went around spraying graffiti on cars. In Singapore, this is punished with caning, a prison sentence, and a hefty fine. I remember President Clinton trying to intervene to stop the caning. It didn’t work. The kid got the caning as required by Singaporean law, as well as the prison sentence and the fine.

The prohibitions against homosexuality are nothing. In Singapore, drug peddling carries the death penalty. Contrary to drug loving American libertarians and their “theories” about drug legalisation, the prohibition works like a charm in Singapore. I never saw a drug peddler in Singapore in all my visits and neither did any of my friends. Singapore has been criticised by Amnesty International for these harsh punishments. It made not one iota of difference to the Singaporeans.

Lee Kuan Yew as the founder of the modern Singaporean state was absolutely clear that while he wanted a modern society, he was not going to let his country turn into a cesspool of the worst vices afflicting modern America and Europe. That is a pledge that his family (which still runs the country) has lived up to. May this be the case for a long time to come.

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