Our Communist media

It’s pretty funny. Pre-election polls in Wisconsin showed a very close race between Walker and Barrett, with no more than a point or two separating them. Similarly, the exit polls taken the day of the election showed a virtual tie. In fact, Walker with almost all the vote counted won by 53.3 percent to 46.2 percent, a seven point margin.

But what was the media’s major spin on the evening, blazed abroad in headlines? That the election was good news for Obama, because the exit polls showed Obama leading Romney by 11 in Wisconsin. See this from the L.A. Times. Even better, see this, from ABC News:

Walker Wins, But Obama
Bests Romney in Wisconsin

Have you ever seen big headlines trumpeting exit polls as important news? And not only that, but reporting exit polls as though they were an actual election? “Obama Bests Romney in Wisconsin” makes it sound as though Obama actually beat Romney in something, as though an exit poll was something real the results of which the whole country was waiting breathlessly to hear.

Again we see how the major U.S. media are a Communist-style media whose job is not reporting facts but managing our minds for the sake of the ruling ideology. They are so corrupt they’re not even worth analyzing or criticizing. They should just be ignored. Which means at the least, in practical terms, not watching the major networks on any election night. That is the policy I’ve followed since election night 2004, when my disgust with the media became terminal. (See my comments in this Nov. 2, 2004 thread, especially my comments at 8:18 p.m. and 10:50 p.m.)

And not only that, but since the exit polls overstated the Democratic vote by seven points, that means that Obama leads Romney, not by 11, but only by four. So the media’s main story of the night is a lie.

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Note: my phrase above, “blazed abroad,” is from the King James Bible, in the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark. Is it not understandable for contemporary people?

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Susan G. writes:

Concerning the corrupt media: When George Zimmerman was compelled to return to jail the other day, I noticed that Yahoo News (on my computer’s internet home page) had as its featured headline “Trayvon Killer Returns to Jail.” (I didn’t save the story, so I’m not sure of the exact wording of the predicate, but the Yahoo headline definitely began with the phrase “Trayvon Killer.”) Just now I discovered many other recent references to “Trayvon Killer” in headlines. One of the most egregious is on www.news.sky.com (UK) for June 4 entitled, “Trayvon Killer Back in Jail After ‘Court Lie,’” and shows the photo of a twelve-year-old Martin.

Zimmerman is identified by the epithet of “killer,” while Martin is perpetually identified by a childhood photograph and described as “unarmed.”

Bias? What bias?

LA replies:

“Bias” is a very mild description of what you are talking about. It is systematic Big Lying.

Of course “killer” means a murderer. We don’t refer to someone who killed someone in self-defense as a “killer.” So the media are conclusorily saying that Zimmerman murdered Martin. Can one think of any precedent for this? I can’t. It shows how the media in particular and liberal elites generally are rapidly becoming even more evil, dishonest, and tyrannical than they have previously been. This is the “liberalism in hyperdrive” which I have been talking about since the beginning of 2012.

Dave T. writes:

Does not the existence of the father of lies, Satan, make better sense of our reality, and its communist media, than any political theory? I submit that it does.

I first became convinced of the existence of the evil one (whoever and whatever he is) when I noticed that the debauched atheistic left were actually teaming up with Muslims in order to create the necessary legal space for the enforcement of Sharia law in Britain and elsewhere. What other rational is there for such manifestly irrational behavior other than the coordination of dark spiritual powers? As St. Paul once said, “the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.” I believe it.

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