Darwinist blogger says a 9/11 attack every year would not be a significant problem

In an entry yesterday, I quoted a liberal commenter at the CNN site who said that a 9/11 attack once every two years would be better than letting Republicans run the country and fight terrorism. In reply, the Darwinist and HBD (human biodiversity) blogger Richard Hoste sent a comment to VFR saying that he agreed with the CNN commenter:

If we had had a 9/11 every two years, it would cause 1,500 deaths a year. It would still be an insignificant problem compared to street crime and motor accidents.

This is why I agree with you when you rally against black and Mestizo crime, but not when you get upset about terrorism.. It’s simply not a significant problem, even if you consider a 9/11 or so a year a worst case scenario

See my replies to Richard Hoste.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 06, 2010 09:15 PM | Send

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