Extremely violent nonwhite gangs in America

Richard W. writes (September 7):

There was a marathon of “Gangland” episodes on The History Channel today and I watched several while doing some chores around the house.

They profiled major street gangs in three episodes set in individual cities: the Top 6 gang in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is composed of Haitians; the Four Corner Hustlers, in Fresno in Chicago; and the Bulldogs in Fresno, California.

In all three cases the stories were horrifying. The gangs are utterly out of control, with the Haitians the worst of the worst, but the Chicago gang not far behind. Shooting as a tool of the trade is routine. The code of silence is absolute, and includes not just the gang members, but all members of the minority community in which they operate.

The glorification of the culture of violence, drug dealing, money and bling is fueled by the rap music which, in the case of the Haitians is a closely connected interlocking part of the criminal organization.

One could not watch this show with anything but complete drop-jaw incredulity. We have allowed a huge cancer to grow in the middle of our country. It’s almost impossible to imagine how these organizations are going to be shut down. Kids are brought into the gangs as early teens, and stay till they are killed, or go to prison.

The show certainly renewed my appreciation for the job that police gang units have in controlling these groups.

Richard continues:

Here is the web site for the series “Gangland” on the History Channel Web site. Simply perusing the episodes shows the amazing number and variety of minority gangs in every section of the USA terrorizing citizens.

I also watched two episodes on white gangs: one was on a motorcycle gang and one was a portrait of a white supremicist Klan offshoot. The show on the latter was particularly laughable.

The one crime that they could find this group had committed was beating up an Indian kid at a state fair. The two neo-Nazi goons were caught and jailed. To show the terror of so-called white supremacists the editors were forced to rely on pictures of Jim Crow era lynchings and Klan rallies going back to the 1800s. Morris Dees and his organization got fully 1/4 of the airtime on this episode. In a strange twist the two Nazi retards were kicked out of the Klan for being criminals after their conviction. Some vicious gang!

Meanwhile the Latin Kings, Mexican Mafia, Crips, Bloods, and all the rest run the streets with full auto weapons killing, maiming and trashing our cities large and small.

What I got out of it was that the editors were making a huge effort to find some white gangs to counter-balance the huge outpouring of black and Hispanic crime that they have documented for four years running.

Again, simply looking at the episode descriptions tells the story.

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