Something New

Something very significant has been happening. As a result of the all-out liberal assault on conservatives as murderous haters, an assault that is unprecedented in degree, though not in kind, mainstream conservatives are beginning to recognize for the first time a reality that has been continually discussed by me over the years, namely that liberals do not see conservative positions as wrong though reasonable; they see them as mere effusions of bigotry, fear, reaction, and mindless faith. They see conservatives as evil haters. This week, some mainstream conservatives—Brit Hume, Daniel Henninger, Sarah Palin—have begun for the first time to point to this reality. At the same time, the majority of establishment conservatives seem only too eager to sign on to the liberals’ suddenly invented “Civility and Togetherness” agenda—an agenda promoted by people who up to yesterday were calling conservatives murderers, people who up to yesterday routinely and without any criticism from their own ranks referred to tea partiers by the vile sexual insult “teabaggers,” and are probably still doing so at this moment. So the picture is very mixed as to the state of the conservative consciousness. But there are significant signs that at least some conservatives are awakening at least somewhat to the truth about liberalism.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 13, 2011 10:19 PM | Send

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