Races are real, says Times

Has the millennium arrived? An op-ed in the New York Times admits that the various races of mankind exist as a biological fact and not just a social construct. The reasoning of the author, Armand Marie Leroi, is interesting. It’s long been said by liberals that the same physical variations found between races also exist among individuals in the same race, and therefore race is not real. While this orthodox liberal argument is wholly unpersuasive when you think about it, it has been persuasive to lots of people. However, as Leroi points out, the liberal view ignores the fact that the various traits tend to come in packages, a certain type of skull shape with a certain kind of hair with certain types of facial features, and so on. This package is, of course, what we call race. So Leroi is simply admitting something that mentally normal people, i.e., people whose minds are not controlled by the absurd lies of liberalism, have always recognized as a matter of course. Steve Sailer also discusses the Leroi article at length. [“A Family Tree in Every Gene,” NYT, 3-14-05]

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