How the neocons’ “propositional nation without a concrete nation” is like Hawking’s “physical laws without a Lawgiver,” cont.

Shrewsbury writes:

Shrewsbury especially liked your elegant assimilation of Stephen Hawking’s simple-minded notion, that the existence of physical laws somehow precludes the existence of a Lawgiver, with the smug, infuriating dogma of America as a “proposition nation” strangely beloved of right-liberals; two instances of abstract thought which do not even generalize from any underlying reality, but simply do away with it; which celebrate the ideas which proceed from a particular source, whilst discarding the source without which the ideas could not exist. This line of thought could be developed into a book. (It might also be suggested, that if these physicist dudes are going to believe in an infinite number of universes, for which there is no evidence, they might as well believe in a God, for which there is.)

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