Was this the best Christie could do?

Breitbart quotes extensive excerpts of Christopher Christie’s keynote address and it is pathetic. It’s all about how the Democrats are “dividing” the country and how we, the Republicans will lead. Anyone, particularly a Republican, who resorts to the not-just-tired-and-hoary but dead cliché that the other side is “dividing” us but that “we” will unite us (which by the way is usually used by Democrats against Republicans) is a hopeless mediocrity.

Not a single Republican seems to understand that half the country, including many of the crucial undecided voters who are mostly female, are against the Republicans because they see them as racist white men. As long as the Republicans continue to ignore that belief, as long as they fail to confront it and show its evil and falsity, they will continue to look guilty to those voters and they will probably lose.

But they will, of course, never confront it. Because they think that to think of yourself as a white person, let alone to defend yourself as a white person from false racism charges made against you as a white person, is itself racist. The Republicans thus continue to inhabit their race-blind dream world, while half the country sees them as guilty white men.

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We’ve heard of a dumb bull being led to the slaughter. The Republicans are dumb bulls leading themselves to the slaughter.

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Gintas writes:

Every leopard in the world has the same spots today that it had yesterday, and the GOP is still the Stupid Party.

Buck writes:

A friend almost demanded that I watch Christie’s speech. He said that it was “sizzling.” I just sent him this:

I just watched his speech. It was hugely disappointing. But I wasn’t surprised. They wind him up and put him on a stage, and he says the same trite things over and over; exactly what he is expected to say. I like him. But he said nothing of substance. He simply said nothing important or even significant. This was the keynote? He’s boiler plate rah-rah. New Jersey rules! Moms are the best! Dad just rides with Mom! Teachers love kids! The Democrats lie! We tell the truth! American can be great again! Leadership rules! Romney and Ryan are leaders! Stand up and be led!

Listen to it again. Is “America” nothing more than a damaged economy? Or was America a great deal more?

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