Website of movitational speaker who was murdered in Harlem

James P. writes:

Just look at Jeff Locker’s website.

Classic Eloi. He probably would have been offended by the very idea that one should be cautious about driving through Harlem or accepting help from black men late at night.

Jeff Locker

LA writes:

Below is the text from the “Who is Jeff Locker” page, with my comments:
Who is Jeff Locker?

Committed to helping business people create more Peace, Joy and Fulfillment in all areas of their lives [LA replies: Peace, Joy and Fulfillment are great, but will they give you the alertness to protect yourself from obvious mortal dangers?]

He is an exciting, dynamic speaker who presents from the heart

Jeff is an expert in the area of behavior modification and creating enhanced Life Fulfillment

His message is inspirational and motivational at the same time

He is the author of the hot new spiritual self-help novel, Teachings for a New World

After your participants have experienced Jeff’s first presentation, they will request you bring him back again and again

Each audience member leaves Jeff’s presentation with at least one Single Simple Doable Thing that is Immediately Implementable.

Who is Jeff Locker and why has he been so successful?

Jeff Locker is committed to bringing spirituality into the business world. He helps business people exorcize the internal demons that are preventing them from moving to their next level of success.

One of the reasons Jeff’s message is so powerful is that he shares innovative insights that teach people how to move out of their Mental realms and into their Physical and Spiritual realms. This helps them stop their daily efforting and begin going with the flow, thus creating much more Peace, Joy and Fulfillment in all areas of their lives. [LA replies: but it was Locker’s mind that he needed when he got a flat tire in Harlem, not his his physical sensations and his New Age spirituality. “Going with the flow” meant accepting the help of the black strangers who killed him.]

He teaches people how to control their energy by using concepts like the Law of Vibration and Attraction. These laws demonstrate how negative energy attracts negative people while positive, passion filled, loving, caring energy attracts positive, passion filled, loving, caring people and results. [LA replies: Well, sending out waves of positive energy is fine, when you want to attract positive people. But what if you are approached by very negative, dangerous people? Will having lots of positive, caring energy help you in that situation? What about having a little common sense? ]

All who attend Jeff’s keynotes walk away with a road map to begin a new model of operating which is called Vibrations For Success. It replaces the old model that is Fear based with a new model that is Love based (Love of Self, Love of Others, Allowing Others to Love you). [LA replies: There you have it. Jeff Locker replaced Fear with Love, and ended up dead in his car on East 124th Street with a screwdriver though his heart.]

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Terry Morris writes:

“Jeff is an expert in the area of behavior modification and creating enhanced Life Fulfillment.”

That’s all well and good, but some people have no interest in “behavior modification” and “enhanced life fulfillment.” At least not his version. The guy was indeed an Eloi, his expertise in these areas notwithstanding. (I can almost see him trying to “help” these murderous individuals as they’re raising the screwdriver to kill him.

The “yin and yang” that he sports in the picture pretty much tells it all, doesn’t it? Reckon he was wearing it when he was murdered?

LA replies:

Yes, that is a macabre irony. What he needed in the last moments of his life was to modify someone else’s behavior in order to enhance his own life fulfillment.

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