Double standard?

Lauren Bell, an about-to-turn 21-year-old college student who has lived in Georgia since she was seven when her father came from Britain to the U.S. on a work visa, is facing deportation and separation from her family. The reason: at age 21 she ceases to be a dependent, and U.S. authorities turned down her green card application on an obscure technicality having to do with the wording of the help wanted ad to which her father responded all those years ago. But the ability of her father and mother and sister to stay in the U.S. is not being challenged, only hers. This is happening while millions of brown-skinned illegal aliens are being given official permission to stay in the U.S. if they came here as children.

Lauren, who responded to questions by e-mail between an illness and studying for tests in statistics and economics, said she is “absolutely outraged” by the oversight in the president’s decision.

“How on Earth there could have been that much of an oversight in the legislation is just beyond me,” she said. “It’s extremely unfair and unjust to punish those that were brought here legally as children by their parents and then deny them the right to stay simply because they turn the age of 21, yet give the green light, so to speak, to those that were brought here illegally.”

The situation seems to be of a piece with Obama’s consistent unfriendliness to Britain. The Bells have launched a website,

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Daniel F. writes:

You mention Obama’s consistent hostility to Britain, which is pretty obvious, notwithstanding that the government and citizens of that now-pathetic country seem to like him. I find his anti-British attitude particularly disgusting in view of the fact that, from what I’ve read, the man is of primarily British ancestry on his mother’s side (it is reported that, like millions of other people, he’s a descendant of King Edward III). I suspect that, like the hatred of Israel found among many leftwing Jews, Obama’s dislike of Britain is no coincidence, but an attempt to efface and deny his own heritage.

Bruce B. writes:

Double standard? No. Single standard. Anti-white.

LA replies:

The teacher is being taught by his students. :-)

Andrew B. writes:

Happens all the time. We’ve lost two great engineers in a row from Europe in my company to the student visa law (40 months work and you must go home). We have not been able to fill the position with an American at any time during the past 12 years. You would think they would qualify for an H1B visa, but you’d be wrong. Another case saw the government attempting to deport a 11 year old Polish girl even though her parents were citizens!

America at the Founding had open immigration but it restricted citizenship to free whites. Now we have restricted immigration, especially to Europeans, but also to Christian Arabs, but easy citizenship open to everyone who comes in except people like Lauren.

Daniel W. writes:

I’ve noticed that in the past. I have read that the immigration authorities will come down hard on the few illegal English and Irish that are scattered in the U.S. Not that I am saying they should tolerate illegals that you and I would have no problem with, but the policies really have me convinced that the immigration flood isn’t just a scheme to increase labor/population. I really do believe they want a dumber and more docile populace.

LA replies:

I want the immigration laws enforced. But for a long time there has been this systemic problem that we allow people to come and stay who should not be here, and treat with harshness people who should be here.

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