Vuvuzela, we hardly knew ye

I was busy this afternoon in a prison work gang breaking rocks in the hot sun and missed the big 1-0 finale of the World Cup.


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Marco Jawsario writes:

No lie - Don Marco was actually in the hot sun this afternoon breaking dusty, hard packed sod for one of Señora Jawsario’s summer projects. I had a pick axe and was doing my Cool Hand Luke routine with mi señora.

Gintas writes:

There were two things that interested me about this year’s World Cup. First was the vuvuzela phenomenon, for reasons completely apart from soccer; even a car crash has a fascination. Second, the methods used to try to generate interest in the World Cup among Americans, among which was guilt-mongering. We were told endlessly how popular the sport is around the world, and how arrogant we Americans are to like our own sports above soccer, “The Most Popular Sport in the World!” (tm). What kind of fans would Americans make if they followed soccer because of guilt? I would blow the vuvuzela out of spite.

N. writes:

At this point I would like to be able to say “Huh?” However, there are a few soccer fans in church so I was aware that the grand finale was played in World Cup on Sunday. In fact, a couple of people were missing from services, I suspect they were at home viewing the game.

To me, July is the month of the Tour de France, the famed bicycle race more or less around France with a century of history more or less, featuring interesting personalities, beautiful landscapes, and various odd traditions such as the wearing of jerseys with large red spots on them. It is an event that admittedly is a niche sport, but I like it because of the combination of endurance, thinking and mechanical cleverness that is involved.

And no vuvuzela to be heard or seen. That alone is a bonus this year.

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