Geller’s pathological narcissism

(Note: a reader has said to me, with reference to technical details I don’t understand, that Geller did not create the superimposed image of herself next to that of Mark Steyn, but that the image was generated automatically by YouTube. However, even if this were true, the fact would remain that Geller chose to post the YouTube with that particular image on it. Further, how would YouTube create a combined image of Geller and Steyn to begin with? If anyone has further information which can help clarify the issue, please let me know.)

At her website, Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller links a radio program in which Roy Green interviews Mark Steyn about the cancellation of his speaking appearance in London. Look at the initial image in the video box, in which Geller has added her own image alongside that of Steyn. Note that Geller is not in the interview, and that Geller has nothing to do with the interview; she is merely linking the interview at her site. Yet such is her egotism that she could not refrain from superimposing her picture onto the picture of Steyn, as though she were trying to identify/equalize/merge herself with him, making it seem that the interview is as much about her as it is about him.

As I’ve remarked before, if Geller did a blog entry about the signing of the Declaration of Independence, she would PhotoShop herself into it, standing alongside Thomas Jefferson.

Is there anyone in Geller’s circle, anyone she trusts and will listen to, who will point out to her how inappropriate her narcissistic behavior is, how vulgar and cheapening to the anti-jihad cause?

The problem with my idea, of course, is that Geller’s circle effectively consists of just two people—herself and Robert Spencer, whose narcissism is as all-consuming and unconscious as her own.

* * *

By the way, various people in the anti-jihad movement privately share the same concerns about Spencer and Geller, but I am the only one who states them openly and thus incurs the wrath of the Geller/Spencer faction. I should be called Dirty Larry—meaning, like Dirty Harry, I do the dirty jobs that no one else will do.

Speaking of which, who knows—maybe Fjordman will once again call me “immoral” for criticizing Spencer and Geller. (

- end of initial entry -

A reader writes:

“I should be called Dirty Larry”

That’s why we like you. We all have our jobs to do.

LA replies:

Ha ha. Thanks a lot. But who will be there for me when I’m getting shafted? :-)

Reader replies:

Can you be more shafted than you are already?

LA replies:

Oh thanks a lot, you are a great comforter.

Karl D. writes:

In addition to your comment I urge you to look at this page which is linked from her site. It almost reminds me of one of those garish wedding invitations (that are so popular these days) you would receive in the mail for a New York/New Jersey Jewish wedding. Especially in the top banner where it says “Sara and Dorrie present”. It really made me laugh out loud. Sara and Dorrie would like to invite you to the joyous wedding of Pamela Gellar & Robert Spencer. I totally respect and appreciate what they are both doing for the counter-Jihad. But Pamela should really farm out her PR work. I have no idea if she created this ad, but when left to her own devices she does indeed come off as egotistical and downright cheesy.

P.S. Here is the ad as seen at Atlas Shrugs:


LA writes:

In reply to the reader who states that Geller did not create the image of herself combined with Steyn’s, here’s why, whatever the technical details, my statement about Geller’s narcissism holds up.

Suppose that I wanted to post a certain YouTube of Geert Wilders. But then I saw that the YouTube had as its initial “still” photo, a PhotoShop-type image in which my image was superimposed over Wilders’s. That would be too weird. I wouldn’t want to post such a thing. So I would look for a different YouTube posting of the same video that didn’t have that inappropriate image. But now let’s say that there was no alternative YouTube available, so I was forced to post the YouTube with the inappropriate image. In that case, I would have posted an explanation saying, “I apologize for this inappropriate image of myself superimposed over Wilders’s. I didn’t create it, someone at YouTube did. But there’s no way I can get rid of it.”

Clearly, none of the above occurred to Geller. Hence my statement about her stands.

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