Neocons’ despicable hypocrisy on the question of sharia

Here is another example of the neocons’ utter lack of honesty and principle. Neocons all over the place (for example, Frank Gaffney) are now saying that the success of President Obama’s Libya action is called into question by interim Libyan leader Abdul-Jalil’s declaration that sharia will be the basic source of all legislation in that country.

Yet in 2005 the Iraqis ratified a constitution that made sharia the basic source for all legislation in Iraq. Did the neocons then say that this showed that President Bush’s democracy policy for Iraq had failed? No, they did not say it. They did not even mention the installation of sharia in the new Iraqi Constitution. They ignored it, and went on for years proclaiming the success of “democracy” in Iraq.

Bottom line: when a Republican president’s intervention in a Muslim country empowers sharia, that’s fine with the neocons. But when a Democratic president’s intervention in a Muslim country empowers sharia, the neocons declare that all is lost.

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LA writes:

I have to add to what I said above. What I said does not apply only to neocons. It applies basically to all mainstream conservatives. But the neocons are guiltier than the generic conservatives because they are at the forefront of pushing “democracy.”

D. Edwards writes:

Also, the Afghanistan constitution (from Wikipedia):

The Constitution describes Islam as its sacred and state religion. A system of civil law is described, but no law may contradict the beliefs and provisions of Islam. It was widely reported that Sharia law is not specifically mentioned, but Hanafi jurisprudence is one of the six branches of Sharia law. Moreover, concessions are made to Shia jurisprudence in cases arising strictly between Shi’ites.

Followers of other religions are “free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites” within the limits of the law. There is no mention of freedom of thought, and apostasy from Islam is punishable by death.

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