Palin resignation

Sarah Palin’s announcement of her resignation from the Alaska governorship, effective at the end of this month, is stunning and makes no sense. We all know she’s interested in running for president. A main objection to her candidacy would have been lack of experience. When McCain picked her to be his vice presidential candidate, at the end of August last year, she had had less than two years as governor, having started her term in December 2006, and that was seen as a problem then. In order to run for president, the one thing she needed to do was at least to finish a single term as governor. Instead of doing that, she will be running for president with only 2 1/2 years experience in a significant political office.

Besides which, being governor doesn’t get in the way of running for president, since the presidential campaign wouldn’t really begin until 2011). If she had finished her first term and left office in December 2010, she would then be perfectly situated to start a full time run for the White House in January 2011, 22 months before the 2012 election.

So this makes no sense at all.

The commenters at say that she has been so bedeviled by ethics charges and nuisance law suits, and by the intense media hostility against her, that she couldn’t deal with all that and be governor at the same time. While I watch very little of mainstream media, from what I’ve seen I don’t doubt that she’s been viciously treated, including by some very vicious people on McCain’s staff.

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