In conformity with the Islamic law, Hollande bans pork at his official residence

Tiberge sends some recent news:

Hollande bans pork from Elysée Palace.

The new minister of Culture.

The new minister of Justice.

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Robert M. writes:

I reckon the tidbit you published about Hollande having banished pork at the Elysée palace is without substance.

The French blog where the story is posted has no credibility, the story is not sourced with the reputable media, and a quick search of the usual sources does not yield anything.

Besides, it would be very surprising for Hollande to do such a thing. I am sure he can do plenty of mischief. This particular idea, however, to me, looks like a hoax.

May 19

Tiberge writes:

Regarding the “pork” story, I think your reader Robert M. is right. I received the link from Europe News in my mailbox yesterday. I did a quick Google on the topic and found it was posted at numerous websites, all of them English-language. So I made a hasty judgment that it was authentic. Late in the day, I went to do a post on it for GalliaWatch, and found that the original French source Révoltés en Europe had shut down or had been forced to shut down. This led me to think it was a canard. I searched through most of the dependable French websites I normally use and found not a trace of the story, not even a hint about a canard. It looks as if the English-language sites found the item and posted it, before any French websites knew about it.

I would have let you know but your reader beat me to it.

If anybody knows the truth it’s the Catholic websites and the National Front, and they have said nothing. So I conclude it is a hoax, a perfectly plausible hoax, as most hoaxes are at first glance. If I learn anything about that French site that vanished I’ll pass it on.

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