Wilders trial, again—and it looks as contentious and confusing as ever

Well, I didn’t think it would happen, but it did. The trial of Geert Wilders for hate speech, namely for “inciting hate and discrimination” against Muslims, recommenced yesterday, after an incredible adjournment of eight months (supposedly in order to arrange for the scheduling of witnesses!), and it happens at the very moment when a new Dutch government is being formed of which Wilders’s own Freedom Party is an indispensable prop. Thus the new Justice Minister who will be overseeing the prosecution the aim of which is to put Wilders in jail will be a member of the government that couldn’t exist without Wilders’s support.

The anti-jihad blogosphere including VFR intensively followed the lead-up to the start of the trial last January and February and was left in the lurch when the trial was suddenly suspended after one day; adding to the confusion was the fact of the suspension didn’t become clear for several days. Below are several VFR entries about the trial from last January and February if you want to catch up.

As always, the main U.S. resource for information on the trial will be Gates of Vienna. Here is GoV’s brief coverage of the first day of the trial, but I warn you, what happened yesterday (whatever it was) is quite confusing. These are not the sort of intricacies in which I will take much interest. That is why GoV is so useful.

VFR entries on opening of Wilders trial, January-February, 2010

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… (Jan. 21)

The real question of the Wilders trial (Jan. 23)

Bat Ye’or comment on Geert Wilders trial (Jan. 27)

On the eve of the Wilders trial (Feb. 3)

Video on Wilders trial (Feb. 5)

The adjournment of the Wilders trial begins to be noticed (Feb. 8)

The conservative media and the trial of Geert Wilders (Feb. 8)

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