Tommy Robinson ambushed, beaten by Muslims

Tommy Robinson, head of the English Defence League, was waylaid and severely beaten by a group of Pakistanis shouting, “Allahu akhbar” and “Merry Christmas, Tommy.” He was in the hospital for a brain scan and has been released. Gates of Vienna has the story and photos of Robinson’s badly bruised face, though details are still scant.


Look at Robinson’s face and contemplate this. Freedom for everyone in the world—the sacred foundation of the modern West—in reality means the freedom of Holy War-waging Muslims to terrorize Westerners in Western countries. It does NOT mean the freedom of Westerners to live in peace and safety in their own countries, LET ALONE the freedom of Westerners to PRESERVE their own countries and cultures.

As proof of what I just said, who will side with Tommy Robinson? The British government? The British police? The British media? The American media? The American government and military?

What’s the relevance of America to this British incident? The relevance is that if the British and European peoples ever rise up against their evil rulers and their campaign of Islamization, the U.S. NATO forces stationed in Europe will surely assist the EU in putting them down, to make Europe safe for sharia.

As I said in a 1997 speech, “How Immigration Destroys Our Culture and Our Freedom,” to the Carrying Capacity Network in Washington, D.C.:

A nation defined only by freedom, and not by an actual culture, will inevitably lose its freedom as well.

This loss of freedom has several aspects.

First, the diversity that has come into existence through our ideology of total freedom disenfranchises everyone who doesn’t particularly like diversity….

Third, the freedom that we’ve given to cultures that don’t honor freedom destroys freedom…. As the numbers of Muslims grow in the West, we will inevitably lose our freedom to say anything critical about Islam.

Finally, the free immigration of peoples from alien cultures destroys our own freedom to criticize or restrict immigration itself.

But it’s worse than what I said in 1997, because the freedom we give to unassimilable aliens and especially Muslims to live in our countries destroys—especially if we are so foolish as to try to defend our threatened freedoms—our freedom to live at all.

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