The fictional war—a collection

Here, from last February, is a piece on the essence of Bushism-McCainism: the non-existent war for which we must sacrifice all other political values..

And here are other VFR articles on our fictional war against a fictional enemy:

The parallel frauds of liberalism and conservatism (The war against “Islamo-fascism” is to conservatives what Sam Francis’s “anarcho-tyranny” is to liberals.)

Denial, to the nth degree (On FrontPage Magazine’s “Islamofascist Awareness Week” in October 2007.)

Really, really extreme (Adding more and more “extreme” adjectives onto our enemy, which makes the enemy become fewer and fewer.)

Hanson’s brain has flatlined (Hanson says that 7th century Islam IS fascism, thus eliminating any difference between Islam and Islamofascism, even while he insists the Islamo-facism is something different from Islam.)

The core contradiction that makes the “war” a mess and the “war” supporters mad (We say we’re in a war, but since the outcome depends on what other people do, we can’t win it, therefore it’s not a war.)

Masters of (Fictional) War (Dylan take-off by Richard B.)

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