Blacks and a liberal-conservative separation

In the thread on the proposed divorce between liberal and conservative America, Dean E. points out how blacks would also gain from the arrangement:

The divorce would be a tremendous boon to that 95 percent of African-Americans who voted for Obama. In one fell swoop they could be rid of their white racist oppressors and made perfectly equal to their white liberal comrades. Cries of “racism!” would be a thing of the past. In the universal egalitarian utopia of Liberal Land, racism is unthinkable, and those blacks who chose to reside in the conservative America would have no cause for complaint, having chosen voluntarily, for inexplicable reasons of their own, to live with such as us. We would get the Clarence Thomases, the Thomas Sowells, and the Booker T. Washington-Uncle Tom types, and they would have all the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and guys with their pants falling off. It’s really quite an agreeable idea.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 07, 2010 09:07 AM | Send

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