Why Jackson, not cap and trade?

Phil M. (not Philip M. from England) writes:

I read from your site every day and have gained much understanding from the wisdom and informative discussions imparted there. Thank you for the time and effort devoted to the search for truth. But, I had one question. Why, when the U.S. House of Representatives has just passed the most far reaching negative legislation on so-called human caused global warming, now changed to “climate change” (since more and more the public realizes humans have had nothing to do with affecting the climate) under the title of “Cap and Trade,” with dire implications for our nation’s energy supply, business in general, cost of living and especially personal taxes, focus on the Michael Jackson death? I consider this act of Congress on par with the worst legislation ever enacted even exceeding the immigration-amnesty sham supported by Busheron which was thankfully put down by the public outcry.

I realize with all the craziness in the world you can’t cover all the events that may need covering, but it just seems that when our energy future and our children’s future is at stake something more than Michael Jackson is needed. Without plentiful and inexpensive sources of energy, we as citizens can’t even conduct our daily lives let alone preserve and protect our cultural heritage. If I’ve misjudged you and your site here I apologize in advance.

LA replies:

This is indeed horrendous news. But VFR is a one person blog, it is not a comprehensive organ of news and commentary. Even apart from writing the blog, just as a person following (or not following) the news, I have been literally overwhelmed by the amount of news going on lately (since Obama became president) in a way I have never experienced before in my life, and I can’t keep up with it or even close to keeping up with it. I only noticed last night about the climate bill passing the house. It hit me the way the characters in Atlas Shrugged are hit when they hear the surprise news that the national legislature has passed the Equalization of Opportunity bill, limiting all business owners to owning just one business. To take in and understand such a momentous, insane event takes time and energy. I also just found out last night, reading yesterday’s print New York Times, that U.S. troops are all pulling out of Iraq cities by June 30! Three days from now. And that Iraq’s president, whom we have been propping up and whose troops we have been training, had declared this a “victory” over the U.S., which he said the Iraqis had successfully “repulsed”! I had not realized that the change was coming that quickly. I confess that I have not read any news about Iraq for months, beyond glancing at headlines. I had vaguely thought that the change was further off, like the end of this year or sometime next year. Only a year and a half after the end of the 2007, the year of the surge, we’ve removed all our troops from the areas that in the surge our troops were planted in to make those areas safe. The indications are that Iraq will quickly descend into mass sectarian violence again. The importance of this event alone, the number of things there are to absorb and say about it, overwhelms the mind.

By the way, how much did the mainstream media, i.e., TV, cover the climate bill vote last night as compared with Jackson? I’ll bet they were fixated on Jackson, right?

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