Bush is a genius, part 34

President Bush, of course, is one of the greatest political geniuses who have ever walked the face of the earth. Even what appear to be his most disastrous missteps are really deeply planned gambits, far beyond the power of ordinary mortal minds to have conceived. At least, that is what a contingent of his supporters think is the case. We saw this most recently during the Miers controversy, when some conservatives theorized that Bush had deliberately sent up an unqualified female liberal diversity candidate so that both parties would demand quality regardless of diversity, which would then give Bush a free hand to withdraw Miers and nominate a genuine conservative, probably white and male, in her place. For these Bush supporters, his nomination of the conservative Italian-American (not Hispanic) male federal appeals court judge Samuel Alito confirms the genius theory. A commenter writes today at Lucianne.com:

Reply 3—Posted by: fwipper, 10/31/2005 7:13:11 AM

I just can’t help wondering if Miers wasn’t a smokescreen … so that W could judge just how ready for a fight the conservatives were ready to battle.

Guess he found out.

Just think of it. Bush is of such deep-devising brilliance that he made a nomination that enraged and almost severed his relationship with his conservative base, and he caused all this injury to himself deliberately, in order to find out whether the conservatives were ready for the real battle on behalf of judicial originalism that Bush himself had really wanted all along. The truth, of course, is that Bush was strongly committed to his non-conservative, unqualified crony Miers, and that the conservatives’ uprising forced him against his will to withdraw her nomination and choose an apparently genuine conservative such as Alito. This was the only way he could repair, at least partially, the damage he had done to his relationship with conservatives, without which his presidency would be sunk.

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