Christie for President!

To the liberal rulers of our society, as well as to a lot of “conservatives” who really have a liberal mindset, Republicans and conservatives are always “divisive” and “extreme,” by which the liberals really mean not in conformity with liberalism. When liberals demand “comity,” “respect,” and “tolerance,” what they really want is a world in which opposition to liberalism does not exist. The accusation of divisiveness and extremism is the principal means by which liberals control and silence Republicans, and for the most part they get away with it, because most Republicans are so lacking in mental energy, in spiritual life, in courage, that they never identify the liberal method of control for what it is. Not so Gov. Christopher J. Christie of my native state of New Jersey. Watch this exchange at a press conference, where a reporter criticizes Christie for his “confrontational tone,” and Christie, well, confronts him.

I hereby name Christie VFR’s politician of the year. (Note: apologies to Gov. Brewer, who wasn’t on my mind when I wrote this.)

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Larry T., who sent the item, writes:

I like Governor Christie. He has promise. If he is successful in New Jersey, he may be a viable candidate for national office.

LA writes:

There are many comments below the video.

May 14

Roger G. writes:

Good grief! Get this guy to spin class and out of the pastry section! We can’t afford to lose him!

Joseph C. writes:

Here is another article on The Terminator that you might enjoy. The author makes some of the same points you do—especially about the spineless GOP.

Sage McLaughlin writes:

Christie is a great selection. Jan Brewer, though, would have to get my vote (if I had one, which of course I don’t, as I am merely a vile sycophant at VFR). She’s been our Iron Lady in the face of vicious and absurd lies coming from the most powerful leftists on earth in the White House and at the DOJ. And in the midst of all that, while the pressure and scrutiny can’t get much tougher, she signs a bill banning ethnic (read: anti-whiteness) studies in her state.

Still, Christie is so much more entertaining. He really does remind me at times of Reagan, as much as I hate to use what has become such a shopworn (and usually off-the-mark) comparison. It’s not necessarily his whole political program, so much as his ability to speak directly to the people, to articulate small-government conservatism with real gusto and conviction, and to stare down unrelenting hostility with equally steadfast good humor, really just calls the Gipper to my mind. If he keeps it up, he might even win the Sycophant’s Choice Award.

LA replies:

I agree that given the two monumental bills she’s signed, Gov. Brewer deserves it. I wasn’t thinking about her when I posted the entry, and I’m sorry for appearing to slight her. That’s the problem with awards. They are meant as an expression of admiration, not of comparison, but they inevitably come across that way.

Ben W. writes:

And to think that it was the liberal Obama who promised transparency in office and then proceeded to prevaricate, obfuscate, dodge and lie.

LA replies:

Call for transparency and claims to being transparent are central to liberals’ m.o. It’s simply a lie. They seek control. But they don’t see themselves as seeking control (as I discuss in another entry today). They see themselves as the crusaders against inequality and oppression.

Kristor writes:

ROFLOL! Wow! What a mensch.

And Paul Mulshine who is against Christie. Is that the same Paul Mulshine who blasted my comments on Obamacare?

LA replies:


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