The Greater Jungle of London: black gang chases down black youth, stabs him 24 times in front of London bus passengers

I’m waiting for one mainstream British figure to state the simple truth that the reason there is so much black thug violence in Britain is that so many blacks were allowed to immigrate into Britain.

Still waiting …

But someday the truth will be spoken.

And how would one describe the behavior of the murderous gang, as recounted in detail by the Daily Mail? The only analogue I can think of is wild chimpanzees on a rampage. That too is part of the truth.

Teenager stabbed 24 times in 45 seconds ‘by gang in front of terrified bus passengers’
Last updated at 8:50 PM on 10th January 2012

A teenager was stabbed 24 times in less than a minute as he was murdered in front of terrified bus passengers, a court heard today.

Daniel Thompson Graham, 18, was ‘subjected to a volley of punches, kicks and stamps’ before fatal injuries were inflicted with a knife and a broken bottle, it was said.

He tried to take refuge from his attackers on a double-decker bus, but was unable to escape, the Old Bailey was told….

Onlookers, including a nurse, tried to help him but he was pronounced dead later that morning at King’s College Hospital.

Lennie John, 24, along with two 16-year-olds who cannot be named, are said to have hunted their victim down following a dispute at a party earlier that night….

Prosecutor Duncan Penny told jurors the victim had been set upon as he jumped off a southbound route 176 bus just outside East Dulwich station.

‘He only stayed on the bus for a few seconds before activating the emergency button at the central doors and jumping off again,’ he said.

‘Just less than a minute later he was being helped back onto the bus by some of the passengers.

‘In that short period he had received 24 stab wounds, having been descended upon by a group of murderers, some of them armed with knifes and glass.’

Daniel, who lived in a nearby road, and the alleged attackers had attended a party the previous evening at Dulwich Hamlet football club, at which a dispute broke out, the court was told.

‘During that dispute one of Daniel’s group was punched and knives were produced,’ said Mr Penny.

‘And it’s apparent that a firearm was discharged and at least one shot was fired.

‘Daniel’s group fled the party and their escape took them past East Dulwich railway station and they were pursued by members of the defendants’ group.

‘During that pursuit, and after one abortive attempt to board another northbound bus which was not about to move, Daniel attempted briefly to take refuge from his pursuers on a southbound 176 bus before changing his mind and jumping off the bus.

‘Moments later on the pavement, in full view of the bus passengers, he was attacked by a large group of youths, including these first three defendants.

‘He fell to the floor and in the seconds which followed he was subjected to a volley of punches, kicks and stamps to his body and head.

‘The pathological evidence suggests that at least two sharp objects were used to inflict stab wounds.

‘Certainly, the bulk of the witnesses describe seeing one knife and a man wielding a broken bottle or bottles.’

This CCTV image shows Daniel Graham, running across the road

Later, Mr Penny said John and the two youths had been identified as members of the ‘Peckham Boys’ gang when they arrived at the party.

John and one his co-accused also featured in a rap video filmed in and around Peckham and posted on YouTube by a group calling itself ‘GMG’, he added.

‘The group acted in an intimidating manner before approaching Daniel’s group and asking Lucas Omonfomah what area he was from,’ Mr Penny told jurors.

‘Lucas replied: ‘Don’t worry’ at which point one of the males, identified as Lenny, punched him in the face, splitting his lip.’

At least two knives were produced by the group, who also let off fireworks outside the club, creating panic among revellers, the court was told.

A ‘steady stream’ of people came running from the building, with one group, who had earlier been chanting ‘CG’, pursued by another shouting ‘PK Peckham Boys’, the court was told.

Daniel became separated from his friends after they tried to board a northbound 176 bus, said Mr Penny.

‘They were unable to board quickly because of a wheelchair user who was attempting to enter,’ he added.

Around this time, witnesses recall seeing a ‘large number’ of black youths running in the area, jurors heard.

One is said to have heard them saying: ‘Get him, f***ing get him’, ‘I can’t believe what he’s done’ and ‘just f***ing punch him’.

Another saw one carrying two empty beer bottles and a wine glass and feared they may be used as weapons.

Daniel got onto the southbound 176 bus shortly before the attack, which took place at 12.09am, Mr Penny said.

‘Some of the witnesses saw Daniel briefly board the bus at this stop using the rear doors and initially thought he was attempting to dodge the fare,’ he added.

‘They noted he looked nervous, attempted to hide below the level of the seats, the changed his mind and exited the bus, opening the rear doors using the emergency button.

‘Almost immediately after he left the bus, and a matter of metres away from it, Daniel was set upon by his pursuers.

‘He was heavily outnumbered. He was attacked with kicks and punches and was beaten quickly to the floor.

‘Once of the floor he was subjected to a brutal and sustained attack which involved kicks, punches and stamps to his head and body.

‘He curled into a foetal position in an attempt to protect himself from the blows that were being rained upon him.’ Passengers on the bus are said to have told police: ‘It seemed all of the group wanted a piece of him. They were acting like dogs, like animals.’

The violence was eventually halted by bus passenger Michael Pichon, who confronted the gang and told them: ‘OK, that’s enough. Leave him alone. ‘That’s enough.’

Another passenger, Caroline Staite, who watched the assault from the top deck, later picked out John at an identity parade, the court heard.

‘She describes him as being the most violent of the group,’ said Mr Penny.

John, of Peckham, South East London, and the two 16-year-olds deny murder.

The 17-year-old denies assisting an offender.

The trial continues.

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The reader in England who sent the story writes:

Is there any end in sight for this black crime blight?


Mark Jaws writes:

Is there any solution to the blight of black crime in London? The Prime Minister should call out those redcoats who took on the ferocious charge of African warriors in the 1965 movie, “Zulu.” Great movie. Great ending. And a simple solution to ending the rampaging savages.

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