An apparently bogus report regarding something Loughner allegedly wrote at The Daily Kos

A reader writes:

So a left-wing, pot smoking, homosexual occultist murders a half-dozen people in Arizona in an assassination attempt on US congresswoman and Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul, and the Tea Party are to be blamed?

LA replies:

First, here is the relevant text which you linked, posted at the site of Sean & Frank at on January 9:


The man who shot Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed six others today in Arizona has been identified as 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.

Although progressives near and wide were blaming the atrocity on the political right, it has been discovered that Loughner was a left-wing homosexual.

The leftists at the Obama-supporting Daily Kos tried to cover up Loughner’s leftist leanings, and wasted no time in deleting his page from their website, but I was able to grab it from the Google cache. Here it is.

It contains Loghner’s final manifesto, entitled, “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!” His comments span the two days before the massacre from January 6th and 7th, 2011.

The tag line on Loghner’s “Boy Blue” (Daily KOS user name) account is:

“Not a single issue voter, but if I was, gay rights would be it. I just want Democrats to be tough. And I wish Obama were tougher. That’s all. I’m a proud gay!”

[end of excerpt from WCBM page]

I’m trying to get the original text on this, which is not quoted on the WCBM page, and the link on that page to the Google cache doesn’t work. Using Google, I found the entire post at Free Republic. But it doesn’t sound like Loughner, on several counts. The Kos poster, with the ID “BoyBlue,” writes:

I never like to throw money in people’s faces, but i have given Gabrielle Giffords THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars in both good times and bad times for me financially.

He’s a 22 year old ne’er do well living with his parents. He doesn’t have thousands to donate to politicians.

I am gay and had been married and my spouse left me January 15, 2010. I shot myself in the mouth in a serious suicide attempt, because of that. Barely surviving, I spent two months in the hospital and still have some paralysis.

Loughner was married? Loughner attempted suicide by shooting himself in the mouth? There’s been no information to this effect.

Anyway, after months of physical and mental rehab, I got back into the political scene and started working for Gabby once again. I raised over $100,000 for her and maxed her out myself out of my severance …

This dysfunctional, disturbed 22 year old who was suspended from a community college for disruptive behavior succeeded in raising $100,000 for a candidate?

Today, just a little while ago, I saw on Andrea Mitchell Reports (out of the one eye in can still see out of) that Giffords voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi as our Minority Leader. Rhetorical question: I fought back from my condition and jumped in with both feet to help Gabrielle Giffords for THIS s**t???

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is dead to me now. I won’t lift a finger, make one phone call, nor will i EVER vote for her in the future. And why did she do this? Giffords never told me she was conservative Democrat. And her voting record is okay. Damn.

Now I suppose it’s possible that Loughner wrote this post including the attack on Giffords for her supposed betrayal of the left, while he made up all the stuff about his money, his fundraising, his marriage, his suicide attempt, and perhaps his homosexuality. But what is the evidence that Loughner actually wrote this?

I note that several commenters at Free Republic also doubt the authenticity of this post.

- end of initial entry -

Richard W. writes:

I’m running out the door to get to a party. Today is almost a state holiday in Oregon, due to the Oregon State Ducks being in the College championship game.

But a few points just FYI:

  • The person who made the posting at Daily Kos you quoted is definitely NOT the shooter. “Blue Boy” has posted since the incident.

  • Daily Kos took his post down at the start of the news coverage, which caused some to erroneously think it was the shooters blog.

  • Daily Kos is playing a game when they take down posts on their blog that have violent language about the congresswoman, and then go find such posts on right wing sites, and then call them out as extremists.

  • Kos also deleted a graphic that had a target graphic associated with the Congresswoman.

  • It is impossible to take Kos seriously as anything other than an agent provocateur who is willfully sowing confusion, altering the historic record, and playing games with the truth. A pox on him.

  • Despite this, Kos himself is an occasional guest on at least one of the Sunday morning talk shows, which is the pinnacle of establishment success in journalism. Imagine how George Will must feel being forced to sit through the infantile rantings of Markos.

  • The fact that the shooter was a dope smoker was provided by a high school classmate who was friends with him. It was linked on Drudge yesterday, and reported in the local newspaper, who did due diligence on it and determined she was for real.

  • She also said he had leftist politics, and dabbled with the far left, and that his favorite band was the anarchist-punk-rock outfit “NoFlag.”

So: YES to being a leftist pot-smoker. NO to being gay, posting on Kos, or being “Blue Boy”

Sorry to be so rushed and resort to bullet points, the last refuge of the simpleminded.

LA replies:

Thanks very much for this.

However, I disagree vigorously with your negative characterization of bullet points.

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