Brigitte Gabriel denounces Koran burning

Act for America sent this announcement to member Paul Nachman:

ACT! for America Denounces Koran Burning
A message from Brigitte Gabriel, President and CEO of ACT! for America

Dear Paul,

We at ACT! for America denounce and condemn, in the strongest terms, the upcoming Koran burning event organized by Pastor Terry Jones and members of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. Their proposed event is ill-conceived, counter-productive and unwelcome in a world where ideas and philosophies are best debated in the context of the issues and the facts. We find this an archaic act that serves no useful purpose, and as such is a regrettable instance of an inability or unwillingness to discuss the issues facing us in a reasonable and constructive manner.

ACT! for America is, and has always been, committed to exposing the threat of the political ideology of radical Islam and its sharia law through constructive debate, illumination of the facts, and a reasoned analysis of the implications of the threat.

Pastor Jones and his congregation are stooping to the tactics of and joining the inarticulate who express their anger and opposition through destructive and spiteful acts of denigration. What is the difference between his actions and the actions of Islamists destroying synagogues in Gaza or churches and Bibles in Lebanon, Bosnia and Egypt? We are better than that as Americans.

Always devoted,
Brigitte Gabriel

Paul Nachman replied:


Quite apart from whether this Koran burning is a productive act or not, if you are unable to discern “the difference between [Jones’s] actions and the actions of Islamists destroying synagogues in Gaza or churches … in Lebanon, Bosnia, and Egypt,” then what are you doing leading an organization like ACT for America? You should be back in kindergarten.

Paul Nachman
Bozeman, Montana

Act for America replied:

Dear Paul,

We will kindly remove you from our membership roles.

Best Regards,
The ACT! for America Team

Paul Nachman replied:

Of course you can do that if you want, but I didn’t ask for that.

I admire Brigitte, but I’m also adult enough to know when she’s said/written something that’s hyper-silly. And I think it’s actually a favor to her to point this out.

- end of initial entry -

Michael S. writes:

The ACT! for America Team says:

“Dear Paul, We will kindly remove you from our membership roles.”

Really? Their membership “roles”? As in, “r-o-l-e-s”? Not membership “rolls”?

Ah, the lovely homophone—those sets of words that sound the same, may or may not be spelled the same, but sure as heck don’t mean the same thing.

But wait!

The fact that they don’t mean the same things means that they are not interchangeable.

But saying that one homophone is more appropriate in a given context than another is discrimination. And discrimination is bad. So to reject even one homophone even once, in any context, is to reject all homophones always.

So there it is. According to the twisted logic of liberalism, I’m a homophonophobe.

But hey, at least I’m not as bad as Paul Nachman. He’s an outright meanie. He asked a naughty question, and now he can’t play at Brigitte’s house any more. Bad boy, Paul!

At least they’re doing it “kindly”—like it’s an act of compassion, or something. Poor old Paul wasn’t playing his proper “role,” so now his name is struck from the “rolls.” an act of compassion, or something.

LA writes:

For the record, while Gabriel’s opposition to Jones’s burning of the Koran is certainly a reasonable position, it was ludicrous of her to say that there is no difference betweeen burning a privately owned copy of the Koran on private property and “the actions of Islamists destroying synagogues in Gaza or churches … in Lebanon, Bosnia and Egypt….” I think her brain went into a momentary frenzy of political correctness when she wrote that.

Edward L. writes:

I’ve become cynical enough to wonder whether Jones might be a Muslim plant. After all, the publicity uproar is working entirely to the tactical advantage of Muslims. It enables moral equivalence apologists to claim that Christianity is no less hateful and intolerant than Islam, and it enables Muslim organizations in the U.S. to cry victim once again (which, of course, aids the mosque cause).

It is utterly deplorable and appalling for Petraeus, the top leader in the Army, to make the demoralizing statement that he did accentuating and drawing attention to the sitting-duck physical vulnerability weakness of American soldiers. But what can I say? This is the kind of so-called leadership that we in the flaccid liberal West have become conditioned to. Vastly better would have been if he had preemptively put wrathful Muslims on the defensive, forcefully serving notice that any assault on American troops will be met with the deadliest and most brutal retaliation and reprisals.

Josh F. writes:

It would be a mistake to think liberals in the media are in fear of Islam. Instead, we should see them as those attempting to steer Muslims towards annihilating us. For the true liberal AND JIHADIST, true liberation is self-annihilation. Those in the radically liberal media are simply adapting to Jones’ bold move with a prediction OF MUSLIMS KILLING US. They want it to come true because it will be liberating FOR THEM and the jihadist.

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