Why white women put themselves in great danger when they hook up with a black man

At the comments discussion following a news article about the murder of Sarah Coit, commentar Keisha—who based on her name we can assume is black—supports my oft-stated position that white women put their lives at risk when they become intimate with a black man, and she gives the reason:

Keisha 4/11/11, 10:29:AM
Young white women need to understand that its a black mans dream to date a beautiful white girl. If a white girl gives them a chance and dates them black men feel they are on top of the world. If the white girl trys to leave them then the black man becomes violent and jealous and will surly hurt them.

Shannon 4/11/11, 11:08:AM

What we have here is the standard dynamic in which a woman’s dumping of a man leads him to kill her; it’s the story of Carmen, over and over again, as I discussed in the 2009 entry, “Why has the female sex lost its mind?” (see below). However, as Keisha and Shannon point out, that all-too-familiar dynamic is greatly exacerbated when a black man is dumped by a white woman. Consider the murder of British actress Amy Barnes when she tried to break up with her black live-in boyfriend (here, here, here, and here.) Consider the acid disfigurement of young Englishwoman Katie Piper when she tried to break up with her black boyfriend of two weeks (here and here).

In the 2009 entry I wrote, replying to James N.:

You’re right about sexual jealousy. Which, duh, double duh, is why marriage exists. Let’s spell this out in very simple terms. When it becomes common in a society for women to get sexually involved with men who are not their husbands, that means (to repeat the point from the other side) that lots of men are getting sexually involved with a woman who is not their wife. In many cases, the man becomes fiercely attached to that relationship. The woman then ends the relationship, and either gets a new boyfriend or doesn’t. Either way, her former boyfriend can’t live without her, can’t stand her rejection of him, goes nuts, and kills her. It’s the story of Carmen, with tiny variations, over and over and over.

In traditional society, this type of event happens far less frequently for the simple reason that women in such a society have zero or very few sexual relationships outside marriage, so that you do not have this mass phenomenon of women dumping men they’ve been sleeping with. (Of course men dump women too, but here we’re talking about the dynamics of homicidal male rage, which is much more common than homicidal female rage.)

This type of murder is so common, the reaction leading to it seems so primal, that I don’t know that it can be explained. I don’t know what the man feels he accomplishes for himself by killing the woman who has rejected him. If he feels he cannot live without her, why not kill himself?

Ok, maybe this is it: It’s about the man asserting power over the woman who at present has so much power over him. At present, she is using her power to reject him, which is putting him in unbearable hell. So the man will get out of hell by asserting his power over her. He does this by taking away her power to hurt him, which he does by killing her.

[end of 2009 comment]

As Keisha explains, a black man who has a white girlfriend feels he is on top of the world. If she breaks up with him, she is propelling him from heaven back to earth, which is unbearable to him. So he kills her.

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