Mainstream reporters show new semi-respect for Wilders, while major media close him out

Bjorn writes:

One comment should be made re Geert Wilders’s visit to England and the House of Lords yesterday.

I attended a portion of the press conference after the showing of Fitna, and even though Wilders was asked many of the standard questions, many were also framed in a different level of semi-respect, in the sense of “If you were prime minister…”, “If you were in the government…”, “If you won in the next election, what would you do about…”, kinds of words and tones.

It was almost as if they were beginning to believe—and acknowledge—that Wilders will actually be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. And I further wonder if this part of the press conference (the questions themselves) was one of the reasons why the TV head office declined to run most of the material—maybe the questioners were too respectful for the censors. After all, the answers from Wilders contained little new material.

Maybe Paul Mirengoff of Powerline is beginning to feel safer in coming out agreeing with Wilders.

Bjorn writes:

Wilders’s press conference at the Parliament building lasted at least one hour and nothing major has been reported—CNN, FOX and BBC were all there.



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