Does the Silent White Liberal Effect doom Obama?

James H. writes:

Here is my theory as to why Obama will not be reelected. Call it the “Silent White Chevy Chase (or Santa Monica, Westchester, Coral Gables, or any suburb of a major city) Liberal Effect.”

Or the “Depressed, Underemployed ‘Intern’ Still in his Childhood Bedroom Effect.”

I have only experienced the mood of Chevy Chase, but I suspect that its equivalents are silent about their presidential preference. You cannot get an overtly political conversation out of anyone (can’t appear insensitive to blacks).

Do as I did. Smoke them out. Talk to them three issues about which most blacks are clueless, say Israel versus Iran, the Fed’s currency debasement, and high taxes. If the “soft liberals” are angry, Romney wins.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 23, 2012 05:53 PM | Send

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