Knoxville trial begins

(Note: for readers unfamiliar with the Knoxville atrocity, here are VFR’s articles on it.)

David B. writes:

Today, I watched several hours of the trial which was streamed live. The lead prosecutor, Takisha Fitzgerald, is a black woman. I expect she was assigned to the case for obvious reasons. I saw her in another trial that was televised on Tru TV several months ago. I would rate her as almost as good as Marcia Clark.

The four defendants are being tried separately, which, as I have said, helps the defense. In his opening statement, the defense attorney admitted that Cobbins raped Channon Christian, “but didn’t kill her.” He blames it on Cobbins’s half-brother Lemaricus Davidson and “E” Boyd, who was convicted of car-jacking in federal court in 2008.

There were 11 witnesses today. When the train engineer who found Christopher Newsom’s body testified, a photo of the body appeared on the screen for a split second . The body was horribly burned and it was gruesome beyond belief.

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