Palin’s future

Over at Wasillan Enthusiast, a.k.a. American Thinker, yet another contributor is projecting onto Sarah P. his every political wish and dream. According to Stuart Williamson, Palin is not just an unusual politician, not just an interesting and original figure, she is the embodiment of all American virtue, and thus the target of all American vileness.

But beyond the by now religious issue of Sarah worship versus Sarah hatred, what is former governor’s practical aim? Williamson writes:

Sarah Palin has the intelligence, the political skills, the downhome eloquence, the vision and the dedication to influence the swing vote come fall of 2010. She will have attracted the support of power brokers unhappy with the floundering RNC and attracted those “comers” within the party who share her views. As the election nears, incumbents as well as new challengers for Congressional positions, will want to be identified with her.

Meaning that she will become the leader and spark of a new, revivified GOP, dedicated to (paraphrasing Williamson) defending the Constitution, democracy, and free enterprise, maintaining our military strength, and opposing oppressive debt and entitlement programs.

At the same time, Williamson insists, Palin has no interest in being president. She is beyond such trash.

Listen, if Sarah Palin can be in 2010 what Rush Limbaugh was in 1994, helping the Republicans significantly reduce or even defeat the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, I’m all for that. But is that really her aim, or her potential? If AT is to have credibility on the subject of Palin, it has got to stop sounding like Palin Wish Fulfillment Central.

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