Muslim terrorists in U.S. popping up like mushrooms

Daniel S. writes:

It was reported that earlier this morning Federal authorities arrested two Muslim men at the JFK airport who were attempting to leave the U.S. to journey to Somalia to receive paramilitary training with the intent to use it to wage jihad against the U.S. This is the third arrest in the past several days, as the FBI arrested a Lebanese Muslim couple in Ohio for aiding Hezbollah and another Muslim man in Texas who sought to assist Muslim militants in Yemen. These three cases, like the hundreds before them, serve once again to demonstrate that Muslims do not belong in the West. The pious Muslim cannot help but to see it as his religious duty to assist in the jihad against America, Israel, and the West in general. Instead of learning this lesson or admitting this obvious truth our self-appointed elites have allowed the Muslims to build a mega-mosque next to the site of the bombed out World Trade Center. When will this madness end?

LA replies:

Probably only when Muslims wreak repeated and extremely severe damage on America. A Fort Hood type massacre won’t do it. It would have to be vast damage with large scale loss of life, and it would need to happen repeatedly. Given the power of liberalism over their minds, reason and knowledge will not awaken the American people to reality and cause them to take serious action to defend the country from Islam; only emotion and fear, driven by unbearable suffering and loss, and fear of much worse loss, will do it. And even that may not do it. As I’ve often said, among the possible scenarios, it is a reasonable scenario that Western liberal society will not recognize Islam as its enemy until the society along with its liberalism has been largely destroyed.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 07, 2010 12:48 AM | Send

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