Yet another naive white who thought she could correct misbehaving blacks the same way she would correct misbehaving whites

Timothy A. writes:

Along the same lines as the story about the D.C. man who told a black to pick up a beer can he had dropped, Drudge has a story about a white woman objecting to blacks tossing trash out of their car window at a Denver McDonald’s. For this act of disrespect, she was attacked by two black women who punched her, pulled her hair, and bit her (apparently through the open window of the white woman’s car). Then a black man got out of the litterbugs’ car, tossed a soda through the open window of the white woman’s car, and yelled: “This is for you, you white b——. This is a grape soda.” The trio then drove away in their Cadillac.

LA replies:

Good car to drive—after a (race) war.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 22, 2012 05:17 PM | Send

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