The ultimate alpha boyfriend

(A note to Gamers: I am not interested in getting into a pro and con discussion about Game. Been there, done that.)

We learn from today’s news that public relations executive and girlfriend disfigurer/killer/decapitator Raul Barerra has a history of using terrifying violence against a previous girlfriend and mother of his child.

Now, we know that according to Roissy and other Gamers, many women are naturally attracted to dangerous, violent men. The implication is that women who are attracted to such hyper masculine, “alpha” males are more vital, more truly female, than women who are not. But of course this is absurd. For a woman to be attracted to such as Barrerra, and, even more, for a woman to stay with Barerra after he has already beaten her and threatened her life, as Sarah Coit did, is a sign, not of high vitality, but of deep sickness.

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James P. writes:

“For a woman to be attracted to such as Barrerra, and, even more, for a woman to stay with Barerra after he has already beaten her and threatened her life, as Sarah Coit did, is a sign, not of high vitality, but of deep sickness.”

Indeed, from reading the stories about her, it would not surprise me at all to learn that her father or some other family member had abused her.

Gintas writes:

Sarah Coit, in obeying her genetic imperatives (a.k.a. Evolution in Action), was looking for the best man with whom to reproduce, and someone who’s violent and more likely to kill her and her children is clearly more fit. And she is more fit because she’s searching for a more fit man. By golly, it’s true, because it’s true. Wait, that she succeeded all too well and got herself killed means she is less fit. And Raul Barrera, once he’s on death row, will receive a good number of marriage proposals from women, proving his extra-superior fitness. I’m sure I’m missing the exact, correct explanation, but, any way you look at it, Evolution works!

Ingemar P. writes:

The moment I read that Sarah Coit was attracted to dangerous, abusive men my mind was immediately brought to thinking of the pseudoconservative fad known coyly as “Game.”

Perhaps proof that great minds (ha ha ha) think alike.

Perhaps I should say: “Game” is not a cure to our present society’s ills, rather it is a capitulation to them. It encourages men to appeal to or manipulate the baser desires of women and furthermore, encourages men to give in to their baser desires.

I think the proper traditionalist response to anyone who shows even a hint of sympathy to Game is to shun them and treat them as lepers, so to speak. Who cares what the Baron Bodisseys or the Steve Burtons or the Roissys or the Ferdinand Bardamus think. The difference between a Barrera and a Roissy is of degree, not of kind.

Ingemar continues:

My mentioning Baron Bodissey had not so much to do with Game as with his silly insistence that we should oppose Islam by spreading “memes” rather than opposing it on principled grounds. I don’t know what his stance is with regard to “Game.”

Robert B. writes:

James P. is correct in his assumption that women who are attracted to “dangerous” men are usually the victims of childhood abuse—that much I learned in Psych 101 in college thirty years ago. It was given to us as a warning to stay away from women who make themselves available in bars for one night stands (Game); more was said about men who chase them. That was the basis of my disagreement with Roissy over what constitutes a genuine alpha male and a genuine alpha female. [Charles?] Murray’s recent speech on trends in white middle class America bear this out. Alpha women (highly educated, well off) are not hanging out in bars, they are still going to church, getting married and having children. In “Game,” you beta males are chasing dysfunctional women. Real alpha males (assuming a certain level of maturity here) are courting alpha females. It has always been thus and always will be. People who know that have something valuable do not give it away. Dysfunctional females do not think they are worthwhile, regardless of whatever pose they are pretending to.

Interestingly, the March issue of The Economist has an article about a promising treatment for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) being developed by Israeli psychologists (looking to treat Israeli and American soldiers) wherein they discovered that people with PTSD (and many other trauma related problems) are drawn towards danger. In studies, healthy people shown two images simultaneously will choose the smiling face, for instance, over the scowling face, but those with personality disorders are uncontrollably drawn to the scowling or threatening face. They are also similarity drawn to dangerous situations depicted in photos. The new therapy being developed would, using a computer, show thousands of images to the person over time that will retrain their brain to gravitate toward the good, rather than bad. This is taking EMDR therapy much further than just eye/retina retraining which has also been show to help PTSD sufferers. A female friend of mine who was attacked by a black man and twice declared dead but who managed to survive and has undergone EMDR therapy considers it a miracle.

Bruno L. writes:

If you believe that a man has to be and behave like, well, a man, then you believe in Game. Game isn’t just a technique to get women to accept fornicating with oneself: it is a way of behaving and a part of a philosophy of life that has that implication. How one deal with it has nothing to do with Game itself, just like knowing how to shoot and owning a gun has nothing to do with, well, killing people by shooting them.

As for the case in focus, women crave men who behave like men. Being dominant and assertive are masculine traits. The murderer sure was both dominant and assertive, though also evil. Being evil is not a masculine trait, but it isn’t contradictory to it, too. Having and/or learning Game won’t make you a good person, but will make you more masculine, and, of course, attractive to women. In this sense, it is like a weapon, and shouldn’t be taught or given to those who don’t want to use it well.

Ingemar P. writes:


And I read Playboy for the articles.

April 14

Daniel O. writes:

Not surprisingly, in the Netherlands we have the same social phenomenon as in the rest of the West. Here is the picture of Asalam Samarie, who recently murdered 29-year old Renske Hekman and a 48-year old police officer. According to news reports, Samarie was the boyfriend of the murdered girl, and an illegal refugee who could not be extradited because the Dutch authorities did not know his native country. According to the LinkedIn page of the poor girl, she had a university education and worked at a seal rehabilitation center. It is striking that a smart beauty could be so stupid to date such a beast.

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