Liberals against choice—even for women

In hyper liberal Australia, an application to start a tour company that would organize all-female tours for women who want to avoid the “boozy, bed-hopping” culture of mixed-sex tours, was disallowed by a judge as a violation of human rights. The judge said that the application stereotyped men’s behavior.

What gives? Is liberalism now moving toward becoming truly consistent and barring discrimination by female and nonwhite groups as well as by white, male, and Christian groups? If so, what happens to the sacred (left-)liberal principle of individual choice (for everyone other than white Christian men, that is)? See the discussion at Mark Richardson’s Oz Conservative.

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Jonathan M. writes:

I think it’s all a facade. As you’ve demonstrated in the past, the ultimate aim of liberalism is the elevation of non-whites and women above white men. Every now and then liberal society will act in a way so as to make it seem that liberalism actually desires equal standards for everyone. For example, black civil rights “leaders” will occasionally call for a hate crime prosecution against a black who attacks a white. The ACLU defended the Klan members who were denied a permit to march through Skokie. But this posturing by the liberal elite is just intended to fool the majority of whites who haven’t yet realized the left’s actual goals.

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