The American Thinker throws up its hands at the senselessness of the universe

Last night I wrote that liberals and conservatives are calling the massacre “senseless” because that gives them a complete pass on thinking about it, and they inchoately know if they thought about it, they would have to think about the reality of evil and about the things that they would have to do to protect society from such evil, things that modern liberals and conservatives are not willing to do, or even contemplate doing.

At the neocon website The American Thinker (which I personally call The American Thugee) Michael Van Winkle writes:

Indeed, to really learn [sic] from the Virginia Tech massacre, we must accept the possibility that there’s nothing to learn, that senseless tragedies are just that … senseless…

It might be that God, Fate, the Tao, or whatever supreme order we happen to subscribe to is answering us “because I said so.” It may be that answer is the hardest of all for us to learn to accept.

Gosh. A society paralyzed by its own liberalism fails to take steps to isolate a homicidal maniac from society, and he then duly proceeds to commit homicide, and Van Winkle concludes that this is a “senseless” event! No, it makes complete sense. Its meaning is entirely discernible. But it’s a meaning that Van Winkle—along with the rest of America, liberal and “conservative”—doesn’t want to know.

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