Perhaps the most amazing non-Islam theory of Islamic extremism

Over the last few years I have catalogued many, as I call them, non-Islam theories of Islamic extremism. One of the most remarkable of these theories is that of Catholic neocon George Weigel, who argues, as I put it in a blog entry in September 2006, that

Islamic extremism is a moral sin, to be understood the same way that Christians understand their own sins. Just as, for Christians, sin means a falling away from God’s moral law, so Islamic extremism is a sinful falling away from God’s moral law. But, of course, what the neocon Weigel is unable to grasp is that the supposed “sin” of Islamic “extremism” is what is what Allah himself commands. What he doesn’t understand is that the supposedly “distorted and lethal ideas” of “some” Muslims are, according to Islam, the eternal words of Allah faithfully and exactly transmitted by his Prophet.

As I have shown over and over, Islam as it actually is is so utterly alien and repulsive to Western sensibilities that high-level Western intellectuals, unwilling to admit that anything human is alien to them, refuse to know even the most basic facts about Islam. Instead, these distinguished thinkers “assimilate” Islamic extremism into some familiar, non-threatening shape, by looking at it only through their familiar filters. In Weigel’s case, the filter is the Christian idea of sin.

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