Another conservative star falls

Lou M. writes:

Every so often conservatives hail the finding of a new star in the conservative skies. This year’s find is New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie. It’s as if the star suddenly appeared with no past and a bright future. Will he run for president? Yes, he should, no it’s too soon … wow look at what he says.

And then the star gets tarnished with something from his past (because everyone has a past).

Christie has a Muslim connection in a most insensitive way. Oh well, on to the next rising conservative star. It used to be Pawlenty, now it’s going to be …

LA replies:

Thanks for this.

However, it’s not Christie’s past which is at issue here, but his present. Given the statements of this Sohail Mohammed as detailed by Steven Emerson, Christie’s nomination of him as a state judge is appalling. Mohammed is an out and out jihad apologist, who, e.g., objects to any reference to Islamic militants as Islamic militants, because that is discriminatory against Muslims.

And speaking of Islam-apologist conservative fallen stars, let’s not forgot Mitt Romney, who states in all seriousness that jihadism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

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