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On the same night that Mayor Bloomberg toured all five of New York City’s boroughs for “National Night Out Against Crime,” eight people were shot in three of those boroughs. The two boroughs where no one was shot—Queens and Staten Island—happen to be the boroughs with the lowest representation of a certain demographic. reports:

Eight People Shot on National Night Out Against Crime

NEW YORK—Shootings in The Bronx, Harlem and Brooklyn left eight people, including four teenagers, hurt just hours after Mayor Michael Bloomberg toured the city for National Night Out Against Crime Tuesday….

The shooting occurred only a few hours after Bloomberg, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Council Speaker Christine Quinn visited Harlem’s 32nd Precinct for National Night Out—dubbed America’s Night Out Against Crime—which aims to reduce crime by building relationships between cops and the communities they police. [LA replies: Sounds like counterinsurgency warfare. Win hearts and minds. Drink tea with the local tribal chieftains. Train your soldiers not to urinate facing Mecca. We know how successful that’s been in Afghanistan.]

Bloomberg, who visited all five boroughs Tuesday night, touted what he said was a reduction in crime in the Harlem neighborhood, citing a 36-percent drop since 2001.

The reader who sent the article writes:

If the mayor and people of New York truly want to see a drastic decrease in gun crime, forget about banning guns: ban blacks instead. Add to that allowing concealed carry, and gun crime would practically vanish.

Or, as Patrick Buchanan said in a column in the New York Post about 25 years ago, the reason for New York’s social problems is the quality of the people living there—a basic, obvious truth which was stated that one time in a mainstream venue and never again.

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