The growing threat of genocide against South African whites

Charles T. writes:

LA wrote about the possibility of genocide against whites in SA:

But if this is indeed a serious possibility, what are they doing about it?

Some would argue the genocide against the whites has already begun. Since 1987, over 3,000 white farmers and their families have died in violent farm attacks/murders. In most cases, nothing has been taken from the home or only small items have been stolen. This has been a very slow war against the white land-owners in SA. The Western media has all but ignored it. The local rural South African commando forces—voluntary and formed for self defense—have been dissolved by the ANC controlled government. The police were supposed to take over the job of protecting the rural peoples. This, of course, did not happen. There has been no protection. And this is why I believe the violence directed against white SA farmers is supported by the ANC government, which makes sure it has plausibility deniability. The details of the murders, what was done to the men, their women and children, is far too gruesome to describe here. Anyone who wants to can Google South African murders and find the photos on the net. The victims suffered terribly. They were not just murdered, many were tortured.

The whites in SA are slowly being disarmed by the government and the SA police forces. Several weeks ago I read articles that described this. If you defend yourself against a home intruder, the police can confiscate your weapon as part of the investigation (I cannot remember where this particular article is.) The home defender will probably not get it back. Also, several weeks ago, the government told SA citizens that there would be an amnesty period to turn in firearms whose registration period had expired. The government officials made it clear that anyone who continued to possess a firearm with expired registry past the amnesty date would be in trouble with the government. Here is the article.

Confiscation of private firearms is always a prelude to violence / genocide / slaughter by government. It is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to defend themselves.

The leftist ANC is grinding this country to pieces.

If the whites, blacks and coloreds who do not trust the ANC try do anything about what is happening, the government will come down very hard on them. Freedom loving people in SA have a very difficult road ahead of them and their choices—regardless of what they decide to do—will be dangerous and difficult.

Also, a word about Malema. The word is that Malema is very popular with young blacks in the townships. President Zuma knows this and wants to keep Malema happy without letting him get too far out of control. However, it seems to me that Malema is un-controllable and a confrontation with Zuma for power is inevitable. And, do not forget, Malema is a man filled with bloodlust. Otherwise, he would not persist in singing “Kill the Boer.”

Here is the link to the article, “South African police disarming citizens as their need for protection grows.”

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April 21

Charles T. writes:

Here are more links to articles about the escalating violence in South Africa. The violence is reported in the SA news sites almost daily.

You can read about the war in SA here , here, here, and here.

Here is an interesting to the editor at News 24. The author of the letter and the commenters are discussing this recent murder and assault.

As you read the articles, look for variants of the phrase, “nothing was taken.”

I cannot imagine living through a hell such as this.

**Here is an update on J. Malema. The article tells how Malema may have more power within the ANC than previously thought.

Mark Jaws writes:

I know it is easy for those of us in America to urge white South Africans to leave their country, but clearly the time of the white farmer living in individual farms in peace and harmony has “gone with the wind.” In a sane world, whites could pool their resources and band together—as frontier settlers did in forming the Texas Rangers 150 years ago. However, such a course of action would inevitably invite black government crackdown, and lead to eventual disarming of the white populace, and subsequent extinction. “Apartheid” should have meant exactly that. Living apart in separate societies and in separate countries. However, whites in the old South Africa wanted white privilege along with cheap black labor. You cannot have both.

There is a teaching moment to be gleaned out of the tragic situation in South Africa. Whenver relatively large numbers of whites find themselves living under black or Islamic rule, they should realize they have been “checkmated” and the game is over. Thus, there is no future for them on that particular chess board. It is best to remove the remaining chess peices and start the game over somewhere else.

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