The real reason why the homosexualists seek government benefits for “married” same-sex couples in the military

Ken Hechtman, VFR’s Canadian/American leftist reader, writes:

You wrote:

When your parents got married, marriage was about living together, making a life together, having a family together. Today, marriage is all about the government “benefits” accruing from marriage. For homosexual activists,—even though the liberals won their big victory in Congress last December and homosexuality will soon be OK’d in the armed services—the big problem at the moment is that “married” homosexual couples in the military still won’t get “benefits.”

You’re not seeing it. The military and specifically the military spousal death benefit is the key to getting gay marriage recognized at the national level. This will override DOMA, this will override all the state-level constitutional amendments passed in 2004, this will run the table.

What do you think happens when the first married gay soldier is killed in action? To be clear, I mean the first out-of-the-closet homosexual who enlisted legally under the post-Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell regime who is also legally married under the laws of his state. Do you think the army is going to tell the gold star husband / partner / co-sodomite / call-him-what-you-want, “Sorry, no benefits for you. We consider your marriage to be of no more significance than an anonymous bathhouse pickup”? Not going to happen. The army will do the right thing. And once the army does the right thing, the rest of the country will not be all that far behind.

LA replies:

You’ve haven’t rebutted my point, you’ve confirmed it. I said that the seeking of government benefits is not, normally, a core aspect of marriage, but that the homosexualists seem to have made it the most important aspect of marriage. You’ve just confirmed that the reason they seek these benefits is not because such benefits are an intrinsic part of marriage, but because they cynically want to use the acquisition of those benefits for the political purpose of getting homosexual “marriage” recognized nation-wide.

As I have said many times, leftism is the political expression of evil. Leftists pervert and destroy everything they touch.

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