Summarizing the costs to the West of seeking to equalize nonwhites with whites

Randy writes:

When one thinks about how much we have spent on transfer payments of all sorts and the cost of artificially advancing incompetent and dysfunctional minorities, I don’t think it is a stretch to say it has resulted in the collapse of our economy and society.

Consider the amounts of money spent attempting to educate minorities, the cost of housing assistance, of pushing banks to give home mortgages to minorities who lack the ability to pay off the mortgages, of requiring insurance companies to allow minorities to access to “affordable” insurance, of raced-based promotions, of packing the federal and state governments with overpaid, incompetent minorities, and on and on. The latest is health care reform which as you pointed out is really a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the minority underclass.

We have been at this for the last 50 years and it has reached a breaking point. While it is true that these programs such as Medicare have benefited the middle class, the fact is that a smaller and smaller portion of the population which is productive is supporting an ever increasing, dysfunctional minority underclass. What makes us different from the Roman Empire is that we are not only supporting them but putting them in positions of power to RULE over us.

LA replies:

But the last also happened in the Roman empire.

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Karl D. writes:

And most importantly like the Roman empire we have more and more people in our military who feel they owe more allegiance to their own religion (Nidal Hassan) racial group (militant blacks) or country of origin (think most of Latin America). The fast track ticket to citizenship for a lot of aliens to my understanding, is a stint in the military. I am not saying there are tons of traitorous fifth columnists in the military. But compared to just 30 years ago it is quite disturbing. Kenneth Clark made a fabulous TV series called Civilization which I highly recommend. In it he said something that always stuck with me regarding the Roman empire. He said that the though reasons for the fall of Rome were numerous, one could say that it simply became “exhausted”. It simply could not continue to exist in its current form. It reminded me of America today in its current Liberal form. Liberalism is simply exhausting .

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