Black girl erupts, pummels prone white girl with repeated punches in high school soccer game

Sebastian writes:

Regarding your ongoing discussions on the everyday behavior of blacks in this country, please see this one minute video of a black girl pummeling and beating a white player after an innocuous, common penalty during a soccer game. [LA replies: I didn’t even see a penalty; it seemed to me the black girl simply tripped and fell as she and the white girl were going after the ball.] Her reaction was incredibly violent. I’ve never seen anyone react that way to a routine play. I think the most interesting part of the story, however, are the comments. This is Yahoo News, mind you, as mainstream as they come. The Trayvon case, and especially Obama’s comments, may have finally pushed open the gates of white frustration.

LA replies:

It seems to me that the readers’ comments following every mainstream media story of black violence are the same. There’s a lot of righteous annoyance and condemnation of black misbehavior, it’s registered by anonymous readers, it doesn’t mean anything politically , it doesn’t change anything.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 29, 2012 11:11 AM | Send

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