Syria’s Christians

Nik S. writes:

What might the fate of Christians in Syria be, if Assad’s regime were to collapse? Probably a dire one.

Wikipedia writes:

“Christians in Syria make up about 10% of the population, the largest Christian denomination is the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch, closely followed by the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, and then the Syriac Orthodox Church; there are also a minority of Protestants. The city of Aleppo is believed to have the largest number of Christians in Syria.”

LA replies:

Remember also that what is preventing busy-body America and its leftist European allies from directly intervening in Syria, as they did in Libya, is not concern for the fate of Syria’s Christians under the “Islamist” (i.e. observant Islamic) regime that would replace the Assad regime, but the practical realization that the Assad regime is not as easy a target as Kaddafi was.

America—as hypertrophied and pumped-up as a 300 pound black Super Bowl star—beats its chest for having overthrown and murdered a foreign leader with whom we had previously made peace and who did not pose any threat to us or our allies, while it shies away from challenging a regime that is our open enemy. Not that we should help destroy Assad, as the alternative would undoubtedly be worse (see the previous paragraphs), but that our destruction of Kaddafi was a criminal act worthy of a whimsical tyrant.

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