Guess who’s seeking a congressional vote on Libya?

Last night I searched the Web to see if Speaker Boehner had done anything to assert congressional authority over Obama’s military intevention in Libya.

Here is what I found, at The State Column:

House Democrats may seek a vote on the Libya intervention, according to reports.

Five of the most liberal House Democrats are asking House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to schedule a floor vote on authorizing the U.S. military mission in Libya. The request comes just days after President Obama addressed the nation.

A House vote on Libya could complicate matters for the White House and President Obama.

Among those requesting a vote include House Reps. Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Mike Honda, Lynn Woolsey and Raul Grijalva, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich also likely will join the effort.

The call by Democrats may find support. A number of House Republicans have questioned the White House’s move to intervene.

Democrats will send a letter late Wednesday, according to Politico. “While we firmly believe that a robust debate and up-or-down floor vote should have occurred in advance of U.S. military action in Libya, it is without question that such measures are still urgently required,” Democrats write.

So the Republican leadership have completely abandoned their most fundamental constitutional and statutory responsibilities under the War Powers Act. Even if Boehner and Cantor substantively support Obama’s action, they must realize that it requires congressional authorization. Yet they left it up to leftwing Democrats to call for a congressional vote. The Republican Party has sunk to a new depth.

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