What happens to ball-busting babes in the real world

Sophia A. writes:

The comment by Kathlene M. at The Thinking Housewife about “ball-busting, kick-boxing, man-beating babes with awesome physical powers” reminded me of a pretty good Irish film I saw a few years back with the excellent Cate Blanchett. It was called Veronica Guerin. Miss Guerin was a fearless Brenda Starr type reporter who sought to expose the horrors of the drug trade in Ireland (there’s a lot of drug addiction in Ireland).

She was indeed a brave woman on an admirable crusade. But she was foolish. She physically confronted one of Ireland’s biggest drug dealers. In an American television show, we’d have seen the brave heroine kickbox the evil drug dealer to the ground. Then she’d have stomped his face and made him eat grass.

Unfortunately, the movie stuck to the facts and was Irish to boot, so we saw what really happened: the drug dealer, although several inches shorter than Veronica Guerin, beat her to a bloody pulp, while calling her c***. It was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen in a movie theater. A few scenes later he has her murdered in her car.

That’s the real world that Lara Logan forgot about.

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