The call on Drudge to stop publishing racist articles

Here is an e-mail I sent to Matt Drudge yesterday:

Mr. Drudge,

Your critic, Brent Budowsky, accuses you of publishing “a laundry list of stories with racial innuendo and suggestion and implication that I would like to believe are below the standards you would set for yourself and your profession,” and he calls on you in the name of all things high-minded to cease and desist your posting of such racism-inciting material. But he gives not a single example of these racist stories. In fact, all you do at your site regarding “race” is link news articles from local mainstream news sites about the epidemic of race-motivated, unprovoked black-on-white violence, which the major media systematically ignore.

Here, from my blog in 2010, I discussed the kind of trash about conservatives that Budowsky writes:

Browsing at Real Clear Politics, I saw that someone named Brent Budowsky had a column at The Hill entitled “No Doom for Dems.” Curious to hear a view so provocatively different from what everyone seems to think right now, I clicked on it. Budowsky writes that the conventional wisdom is wrong and that the Democrats will maintain their majorities in the Congress this year. The main reasons are that the jobs situation will be greatly improving by November and that a health care bill will have been passed, putting that divisive issue behind us. Since I think of The Hill, not to mention RCP, as a more or less non-ideological publication spanning center-right and center-left, I was impressed by the fact that it was publishing these views.

But then I noticed, among Budowsky’s reasons that the Republicans would not do as well as expected in November, this:

“Domestic right-wing terrorism and extremism will hurt Republicans, especially juxtaposed against a growing economy that will benefit Democrats.”

Huh? What was that again?

He’s saying that the Democrats will maintain their control of Congress because domestic right-wing terrorism will turn the country against the Republicans?

In fact, Budowsky is a former Democratic congressional staffer and very partisan liberal Democrat who writes at The Huffington Post.

So, in order to have a balanced mix of views including the idea that the Democrats are not in deep electoral trouble this year, RCP had to find an intensely partisan liberal who thinks that an imminent threat to America is posed by white conservative terrorists possibly associated with the Republican party.

I didn’t realize that RCP did such slumming.

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