The rape of America?

Robin of Berkeley, a psychotherapist and regular contributor at American Thinker, writes interesting but overwrought articles about Obama. Her piece yesterday, “The Rape of America,” in which she argues that what Obama is doing to the country is like rape, has valid and disturbing insights, but is so overwrought as to discredit itself. For example, by way of proving Obama to be a political rapist, Robin says:

It’s no coincidence that the race for the presidency began with vile behavior against Hillary Clinton—a high-tech wilding of sorts, with her body and sexuality defiled.

The Obama campaign defiled Hillary Clinton’s body and sexuality? Um, and what did this defilement consist of again?

Robin, who apparently was a liberal Democrat and a Hillary supporter at least until 2008 and is still a feminist, seems always to be working out her own personal sense of victimhood through her articles. This is not a valid way of writing about politics, least of all in a conservative publication. If American Thinker’s editor had worked with her to tone down the piece, it might have worked and been very powerful, because the analogies between rape and the Obama Revolution are there, and Robin brilliantly brings them out. But it’s evident that he never edits his contributors. He takes their half-baked, overheated musings and tosses them onto the Web as is, and they’re all instantly posted at, and the L-dotters go nuts about them, as they did over this one. Conservatives are not going to defeat the Obama Revolution by indulging in hysterics.

Whoops, there I go again, revealing myself to be one of those disdainful, elitist, “Northeast Corridor Conservatives.”

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