The alliance of liberals and Bushites, cont.

The editors of highly recommend a Leon Wieseltier article:

We Choose Consultations
A brilliant Leon Wieseltier dissection of Obama-speak.
An art much like reading chicken entrails.

The Wieseltier piece starts intelligently enough, criticizing Obama’s habit of saying that something in another country “must” happen, e.g., “This violence must stop.” It’s a manner of president-speak, simultaneously imperial and impotent, that Obama has inherited from Lucianne Goldberg’s hero, George W. Bush.

However, with that linguistic introduction out of the way, Wieseltier then proceeds to his main order of business, which is to call on the U.S. to side with the Libyan rebels and help them overthrow Kaddafi. Does Lucianne also consider that part of the article “brilliant”? Wieseltier is, of course, a universal liberal democratist who has demonized people who worry about Islam in the West.

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