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Stephen Schecter, a retired Canadian professor, in a huge article at Israelnetdaily. joins the minuscule group of people, including myself and Robert Locke, who for years have urged the only real solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict: the removal of the Arabs from the lands west of the Jordan. (By the way, no on in Israel can advocate such a policy, because they would be indicted for hate speech if they did.)

Schecter writes:

Let us not forget that the leader of the Palestinian cause, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was in league with Hitler, as was the head of the Iraq insurgency in 1941, Rashid Ali, whom the British had to depose by force. The Holocaust the Arabs are quick to lay at the doorstep of Europe had its accomplices throughout the Arab world, and the expropriation, murder and expulsion of 850,000 Jews from Arab Muslim countries after the State of Israel was established in 1948 was but the continuation of that policy. So today. The textbooks used in the schools of the Palestinian Authority have wiped Israel off their maps in anticipation of the day when their people will carry out this dreamed of extermination for real. And these are the neighbors with whom successive Israeli governments, backed by a majority of Jews world wide, seek to make peace.

The folly of such a policy ought to be apparent to a five-year-old. Indeed, it probably is apparent to a five-year-old, but not to grown adults, Jew and non-Jew, throughout the Western world, who not only cannot imagine what alternative there is, but continue to indulge the Arabs in their never-ending mendacity. And yet the solution is simple, as simple as it always has been when one is faced with an implacable and hateful enemy to whom compromise and peace are anathema. The Palestinians have to be defeated militarily, a goal perfectly within Israel’s capability. Once that is done, with Judea, Samaria and Gaza under IDF control, Israel should move to annex those territories, declare martial law and make life difficult enough so that their Arab Muslim inhabitants will leave. If the Israelis do not know how to do that, they could consult with the Kuwaitis, who expelled 350,000 Palestinians after they supported Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War, or with the Palestinians themselves, who have reduced the once majority Christian population of Bethlehem to a small minority. And to make it clear to the Muslim Arab nation, which has consistently supported the Palestinians in their aim of liquidating Israel, that the sovereign Jewish state is here to stay, Israel should at least close down the Al-Aqsa mosque and its neighbor, at best demolish them, and upon their ruins rebuild the Temple.

But the Arab and Muslim world will scream, people will say. Yes, they will scream, and then they will calm down. Hizbullah will shake in its boots and silence their guns. Iran will understand that if they threaten Israel their fate will be worse than that of the Palestinians, without Israel’s having to bomb any nuclear facility. Even Saudi Arabia might think of opening up diplomatic relations with Israel, for a country that can demolish the Al-Aqsa would surely be ready to inflict a similar punishment on Mecca. One thing is for sure; no Arab or Muslim country will allow its resettled Palestinians to wage war against Israel from within its borders, because if there is one thing the Arab Muslim world respects, it is the firm exercise of authority. The Ottoman Empire, so Shalev suggested in his book, kept the peace within the borders of its many and far-flung provinces by having a mobile gallows do the rounds every year. Thus did the sick man of Europe live far longer than any could have imagined.

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Bill Carpenter writes:

Prof. Schecter apparently published an epic poem on “David and Jonathan” treating their relationship as a gay love affair.

LA replies:

Oh my gosh.

And not just as a novel (which actually would be predictable in our culture), but as an epic poem?

Let’s see, how would it begin?

Sing, Elohim, the love of Saul’s son Jonathan for David…
Bill Carpenter replies:

Yes. I am torn between my passion for epic poetry—which tells me to buy it on Amazon marketplace for less than $10—and my reluctance to encounter a gay romance, which tells me to skip it. We could flip a coin as to who vets it for whom. I would take that risk.

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